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Cobblers in Dublin.

We get many inquiries about which cobblers to use in Dublin and thought we would share who we use. If we can’t fix something ourselves we will use the services of the below three stores.  Granted we do use some of the below for convenience as they are close and your local cobbler could be amazing as well.


C&D Shoes

cobblers dublin

C&D Shoes

41 Charlemont St
Dublin 2

The best in the business in our opinion which is no disrespect to anyone else the staff in C&D can do any job we throw at them. We use these for more specialty services such as broken heels, zips and other queries that they do a great job on.

If you have an expensive pair of shoes we recommended taking them here as they will do a perfect job with any enquiry. You only need to check their reviews on yelp to see how highly rated they are. (


The Italian Heel Bar



The Italian heel bar


27 Annes Lane
South Anne Street
Dublin 2
(01) 6773894

Established in 1978 the Italian Heel bar staff are very experienced and offer great customer service. They are great if you have a quick problem and need to be looked after fast.  Situated in Annes Lane just off Grafton Street they are conveniently located in the city centre. Have a heel or soling problem? Bring your shoes here are they will look after you. They also sell a variety of leather goods of high quality.


Timpsons St Stephen Green


Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre
Unit 123, Middle Floor
Dublin 2

Timpsons offer a similar service to the Italian heel bar and are good for that quick fix. Situated in the middle floor of the St Stephens Green shopping centre they offer a good service for shoe repairs at a very good price.

If you know of any other services that you highly recommended please let us know in the comment box below.



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