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Brand Spotlight: Ash Footwear

Ash Footwear is the product of an ingenious partnership between two incredible designers – Leonardo Calvani and Patrick Ithier. This unique line of urban themed footwear offers tastes of Italian and French fashion, with a rebellious streak. Ash shoes are designed with trendsetters rather than fashion followers in mind. Fashion conscious men and women can enjoy an original line of footwear full of edgy, unique products, with bold designs.

Ash is a fast emerging brand for fashionistas, offering effortless metropolitan style footwear at a competitive price. Glamour and originality are two of the key elements of the Ash philosophy. The line always pushes to reach new horizons with every new creation that is released. Dashes of colour with a desert influence bring this wonderful collection of footwear to life. Over the past couple of years, this footwear has rapidly accrued an array of celebrity fans including Demi Lovato, Jessica Biel, Laura Whitmore, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Madonna, Penelope Cruz, Reese Witherspoon and Rihanna.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Ash Wedges

Jennifer Love Hewitt Wearing Ash Bowie Wedges

All Ash wedges and trainers offer a fashion forward design, yet can be dressed up or down. The aim of Leonardo Calvani and Patrick Ithier was to create fabulous footwear that can be interchangeably worn as part of a day look as well as an evening look. We like to think of Ash shoes as a line of funky, multi-purpose footwear that are perfect for adding some rock chic to any outfit.

Ash footwear is particularly famous for their incredible line of cool, creative trainers. They take trainers to a whole new level, making them into a real fashion statement, by adding real urban glamour and a cool, rebellious edge. Ash incorporate metallic colours, leather, studs, stars, buckles and jewels into the design of their trainers. The result? Trainers that are fit for a rock star!

Ash Shoes Dean wedge trainer

Ash Shoes Dean Wedge Trainer

Always keen to progress with innovative footwear design, Ash footwear is renowned for their famous wedge and heeled trainers. They have taken regular trainers and turned them into an extremely stylish heeled shoe. Incorporating the trademark funky designs of other footwear in the line, heeled and wedge trainers are a statement piece of footwear for any fashion forward consumer.

Want to stand out from the crowd? Love to make a statement with your footwear? Then you’ll absolutely love our collection of Ash footwear here at Fitzpatricks Shoes.

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