Our Top 5 Favourite High Heels

High heels have for decades been a women’s best friend. Anything which can make women seem a little bit taller and a little bit slimmer is always welcomed! We appreciate how high heels can be a staple element of any outfit and the important role that they play in finishing off an overall look. It is so difficult to pick … Continue reading

Shoes for Spring

As the seasons change and the weather becomes either that little bit colder or warmer, so too does our wardrobes and our choice of footwear. For the past few months, we have been preoccupied with cosiness and comfort but as the weather starts to become that little bit warmer and milder, we can now start to explore a range of … Continue reading

5 Tips for Buying Shoes Online

For some, if not all women, buying shoes is an extremely pleasurable experience! Hours could pass browsing all the available styles, choosing those that catch your eye and trying them all on until you find that perfect pair of shoes and head home, swinging your bag containing those magnificent new additions to your shoe collection. Nowadays, shoe lovers have found … Continue reading

Women’s Shoe Trends 2015

As the seasons come and go each year, we witness a big change in shoe trends too. In the past, we have often seen shoe trends from years ago recycled and updated and presented as the newest shoe trend craze. The same can be said for 2015, although there are some interesting new developments that have recently graced the catwalks … Continue reading

What’s New This Christmas?

Christmas is the ultimate party season; it’s the most magical time of the year and allows fashion lovers to express themselves through beautiful clothes and fabulous footwear. If you want to position yourself high up in the style rankings, the iconic Electra over-the-knee boots and the Dash boot are this season’s must-have investments. A classic statement of style, Electra boots … Continue reading

Shoes for Him This Christmas

The festive period is fast approaching which means that the ultimate party season is almost upon us. We stock a wide range of excellently crafted, smart-looking and stylish shoes and boots for the man that likes to look good and feel great. Much sought after by men worldwide, the Crockett and Jones collection of boots are made with exceptional care … Continue reading

Add Some Glamour With High Heels This Christmas

What is the easiest way to add a touch of glamour to any outfit? It’s simple – just slip on some high heels! Something that we at Fitzpatrick’s Shoes have come to appreciate over the years is that there really is a pair of high heels to suit every person’s tastes and desired look. We stock a large variety of … Continue reading

Brand Spotlight: Ash Footwear

Ash Footwear is the product of an ingenious partnership between two incredible designers – Leonardo Calvani and Patrick Ithier. This unique line of urban themed footwear offers tastes of Italian and French fashion, with a rebellious streak. Ash shoes are designed with trendsetters rather than fashion followers in mind. Fashion conscious men and women can enjoy an original line of … Continue reading

The Story of Uggs

Normally made of quality sheepskin with fleece on the inside, a tanned outer surface and a synthetic sole, Ugg boots first made their debut in Australia in the 1960s. They were first originated as a practical type of footwear that was worn primarily for warmth, and it wasn’t long before they became extremely popular with the surfing community in Australia. … Continue reading

Michael Kors Handbags Autumn/Winter 2014

Having recently been awarded the CFDA International award for his services to fashion, Michael Kors is a world-renowned New-York based designer whose popularity is well established in the United States and all over the world. He has been acknowledged time and time again for his innate sense of glamour and his unwavering eye for timeless chic. His work in fashion … Continue reading