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5 Tips for Buying Shoes Online

For some, if not all women, buying shoes is an extremely pleasurable experience! Hours could pass browsing all the available styles, choosing those that catch your eye and trying them all on until you find that perfect pair of shoes and head home, swinging your bag containing those magnificent new additions to your shoe collection.

Nowadays, shoe lovers have found another way to purchase new and beautiful shoes without even having to leave the comfort of their own homes – how? Online shoe shopping of course! However effortless the whole process is, our 5 tips for buying shoes online are essential reading before you pick up your laptop to begin an online shoe shopping expedition.

  1. Ensure you Order the Correct Size

Unlike an actual shoe-shopping outing, you can’t physically try on the shoes you are looking at on the Internet. The best way to overcome this obstacle is to have your shoe size measured by a reputable retailer so that you are completely confident as to the size of shoe that you require. There is always the chance that the shoes you are buying online may not fit as sizes can vary between retailers, but by having your feet measured properly you can minimise the risk of your shoes not being the correct size.

  1. Returns Policies

Make sure to check out the online retailer’s exchange and returns policies in case you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase. Some retailers may offer full refunds only while others may only offer exchanges or a credit note to the value of your purchase.

  1. Shipping Charges

It is vitally important to check what a retailer’s shipping charges are before you commit to an online purchase. In some cases, retailers may charge very high shipping charges which will make your seemingly bargain price shoes become a not so great purchase! Similarly, some retailers offer free shipping to entice customers to their site and to make a purchase. For that reason, it is worth checking out and comparing shipping charges between the different online retailers.

  1. Shipping Times

As with shipping charges, it is also important to double-check the shipping time of an online shoe retailer. If you need a particular pair of shoes in a hurry and are just about to click to make that purchase – stop and check to see what the shipping time is to make sure you will have your new shoes on time.

  1. Read Reviews

It’s always worth reading reviews of previous customers shopping experiences, some of which are often shown on a retailer’s website. However, bear in mind that some retailers can delete negative reviews and so it may be worth doing an online search for a review on a retailer, as doing this will ensure your best chance of getting access to full and unbiased reviews.

Buying shoes online will open up a whole new and amazing world of gorgeous shoes at some amazing prices to you. Follow our tips and you can enjoy a pleasant and satisfying online shoe shopping experience.

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