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Monthly Archives: February 2015

Our Top 5 Favourite High Heels

High heels have for decades been a women’s best friend. Anything which can make women seem a little bit taller and a little bit slimmer is always welcomed! We appreciate how high heels can be a staple element of any outfit and the important role that they play in finishing off an overall look. It is so difficult to pick … Continue reading

Shoes for Spring

As the seasons change and the weather becomes either that little bit colder or warmer, so too does our wardrobes and our choice of footwear. For the past few months, we have been preoccupied with cosiness and comfort but as the weather starts to become that little bit warmer and milder, we can now start to explore a range of … Continue reading

5 Tips for Buying Shoes Online

For some, if not all women, buying shoes is an extremely pleasurable experience! Hours could pass browsing all the available styles, choosing those that catch your eye and trying them all on until you find that perfect pair of shoes and head home, swinging your bag containing those magnificent new additions to your shoe collection. Nowadays, shoe lovers have found … Continue reading